myspace 2007

I bring you the myspace blog of sesaluna (yours truly) circa 2007 – with authoress/directors commentary, no less. Lest i am ever again tempted to assume the role of a naked male idiot / monarch. Friday  2/15/02;   Paolo:  Just a reminder that the Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes – like my heart is wearing the Emperor’s New Clothes or is the Emperor’s […]


*Random Acts of Kindness score stellar Karma. Practice being Pure of Heart FTW.*  

Proud to be a Bowie Fan

If you missed John Peck’s insightful and poignant reflections on What Your Favorite Classic Rock Band Says About You, please do yourself a favor and correct that mistake ASAP. Every listing from Steely Dan to Molly Hatchet is completely priceless – I was laughing so hard I snorted my afternoon wine out my nose.  T-Rex, […]


I do not watch or go to awards shows ever really, the only ones i ever attend you have never heard of, the Pollstar Live! Awards which is for the concert industry. The Grammys are specifically for recorded music, a part of the industry I don’t work in, but i that i frequently get to […]

British Blues Rock Originator Eric Burdon & the Animals

So, this past Wednesday my pops confirmed that his friend/patient from Rock’n’Roll staple The Animals, indeed, the same ‘music industry insider’ he questions for any industry claims /story /cultural-norm I relay that strike he &/or moms as dubious, is none other than the UK groups legendary front-man Eric Burdon. Um, yeah- i feel like i […]