As was often the case in mine and Lord Voldemort’s relationship, he would frequently wax on and on and on about this or that present he was constructing for me to mark whichever occasion was close at hand. I rarely, if ever, actually saw tangible evidence that they had existed by any stretch of the imagination beyond the moment Lord Voldemort had mentioned them to me.

One such stealth-gift was my “Ses Lennon CD,” an homage to my frequent & longstanding claim to be John Lennon reincarnate, and plot to record a cover album of my favorite songs that I wrote in that past life. Supposedly this was his gift for my 20th birthday in 2002, but I had no reason to suspect it had ever actually been in the works until last Monday, 06.27.2011.

Yes, one week after his birthday (also my half-birthday), without any explanation, he sent me a FTP link to hundreds of jpegs – mostly pix of me or us that I had no idea existed, hidden among them 3 numerically titled jpegs  of album art for my Lennon CD – incomplete perhaps, but nonetheless actual proof that an effort had been made towards moving this gift from the imaginary realm into the real world.

I set to work immediately – first merging the three files into one and adding a fourth “album art” frame, then changing the artist name from the one on my tax returns  to alter ego Ses.  And finally, roughly sketching out the most obviously missing element – the track list – aka playlist so I could post to my “Playlists for Any Occasion” page on this site.

Before I finalize and post this ‘When I Was A Beatle’ playlist though, i want your input on which of my Lennon songs I really MUST include on the A side (side B is obviously already locked in as the cover of the 2 Virgins B Side – that’s right – and it’s not up for debate)… just  in case  your lovely moxie selves have any genius inspiration to lend me – and I suspect you do. Hit me up with the #ASide and look for the new playlist over the weekend!

Cheers! xo, Ses