Jamie Douglass’ Kit – Photo by Jamie Douglas

New Year, new me? Nope, not so much.


New Year, New Editorial Structure for Music+Moxie? Abso-freaking-lutely!

Kicking off 2012, we’ve promised to focus on features, or the stories, profiles and interviews that get us the most excited about music today. We have made a vow to bring you quality profiles and interviews with non-music artists and cultural icons via Project Culture Cred every other week, beginning with Photographer Sam Comen’s interview earlier this week. We have also made a vow to highlight one ‘indie’ – nope – underrated artist at the start of each new month in a multi-part series as we did with Shirley Levi this week and, most ambitiously, to right a music wrong (within or without our power), to unfold in 10-part series over 2012.

To that end, January means the first installment of the Drummer Appreciation series, and get ready to have your minds blown by it. We’ve already spoken with 4 of our favorite drummers today: Jamie Douglass (Andy Clockwise, Jerks, DrumsetArtist.com), Max Szollosi (Moth Complex), Damien Murphy (Lluther) and Christian Hand (Taintstick; The Cool Table; Death, Death, Die!) about what it is they do, as the band-member who gets the most flack, but who every other member is counting on.

 For a hilarious idea of the importance yet general lack of respect drummer’s are usually subjected to, see the below flow chart “Should you quit your band?” which came to our attention thanks to featured drummer Christian Hand.
Should You Quit? 012012
Courtesy GuitarSquid.com

If you’d like to nominate a drummer, please email k@musicandmoxie.com