Why yes, I did see the final Harry Potter film this weekend; why do you ask? OK, so the title is a teensy bit (100%) JK Rowling’s Harry Potter-esque, but I couldn’t help myself, and let’s face it, you wouldn’t want me to, trust.  

Moving on then, today is a Monday which can only mean one thing for your girl in music: a new Teen Wolf episode (#9: Wolfs Bane) airs tonight, which of course means Jeff Davis, the  series developer, Executive Producer and writer shares a new favorite song from the nights soundtrack for us to listen for (watch for? IDK, what do you think?). Jeff’s fave this week? Read on:

Easily one of my favorite new songs, Wall Of Death by Make the Girl Dance plays over the second half of a chase scene involving Derek Hale. The line “this is music for animals” is just about perfect for a show about werewolves* and the electronic power of the song (which in our show is actually two different remixes mixed together)** works beautifully.

Tune in and Listen / Watch for it!

* We agree, especially ones about werewolves we can kiss!
** Intuition tells me we will hear the Cyberpunkers remix and StereoHeroes remix tonight. I’ll know for sure after I hear it.