we know, we know: like a timid ghost or a 1997 page, it’s been a while since you’ve seen your girl in music. radio silence and static fuzz and then the signal went completely dark, too. After all this time, you sorta assumed she just wasn’t that into you.

listen: we wanted to answer when you called, we really did. we got your emails and txts. and we did hear you knocking on our door all those times, but it just wasn’t as simple as us clicking reply in gmail or coming down the stairs to get the door or pick up the phone. you see, we were washing our hair. no, really!!! but like, with an at home keratin leave in treatment. it was a whole thing, ok?

so no, we couldn’t answer the door or the phone or reply to texts because of the shampooing, but we were sending you telepathic messages SO HARD, all the time. we told you about so many new artists and great lit discoveries and some hilarious bad date stories (these dates were so bad we actually told them we couldn’t see them because we were washing our hair, ha!) and every time Voldemort tried to show back up and when we realized we were actually over Voldemort and fit for a real relationship once again.

there was a veritable avalanche of telepathic updates and info Your Girl in Music was sending you these last 44 months – did you not get any of them? well, that is certainly distressing. we are going to do better though, we swear.