Around 11 am I learned that my pops had not been lying to me when I was 4 years old and he told me that persistence always pays off. Today my month-long quest for content to bring you on the amazeballs music featured in ‘Teen Wolf’ concluded as I read these words “Jeff Davis would be happy to share a little about his favorite song from each of the remaining episodes.”  OMG(!!!). I never guessed I would get our quotes from none other than the show’s genius EP, writer, and series developer, Jeff Davis. And yes gang, until I actually got the quote a couple hours later, the possibility I was being Punk’d was absolutely buzzing loudly in my brain. Here’s what Jeff had to say about tonight’s 8th installment, which airs at 10/9 c:

“Episode 8 is called ‘Lunatic’ and it’s about Scott dealing with a new full moon and how it changes him for the worse. My favorite song has got to be “Bad Karma” by Ida Maria as it plays perfectly over a scene in which Scott does something that will indeed come back to bite him in the ass during the episode. It has a great hammering beat and killer guitars.”

And there you have it gang, another Awesome Jeff with equally awesome taste in music!  I’m stoked not only that my viking sister Ida Maria is heard this week, but for the shared victory we’ll experience watching it! For the complete soundtrack from tonight’s episode, click the “Episode Playlists” link under “Hungry Like the (Teen) Wolf” in my nav bar above.  And Jeff, thanks again for a show that kinda gets everything right (so there) and (as if that’s not enough) introduces some of the best and most legit noise today every week to your loyal core.