Jan 012017

Phew: midnight. It is now 1st January, 2017 and I didn’t kiss a stranger, but, after spending these last few hours refreshing my google alerts to make sure Betty White is still with us, I’m relieved to report she is. It doesn’t bring back anyone we lost, but its a win. Cause WTF was that waking nightmare of a year I we all just lived through?  Huh 2016?

January alone claimed first Bowie, then Alan “Snape” Rickman and even Abe Vigoda, who, when he was still the oldest living member of the Friars Club had 2 websites dedicated to his life status for 20+ years. You may recall I often took comfort knowing those pages would never, ever, EVER change over. In the middle of the year we also lost Prince (the day my very purple Bowie Labyrinth memorial tee arrived from loot crate) and Leonard Cohen (I still have Leonard Cohen, I thought, learning of Bowie’s death in January) And now, right after George Michael, Carrie “Leia” Fisher, who single-handedly made feminism work, de-stigmatized hitherto stupidly stigmatized standard human ailments, showed us all we could speak up and out and made it totally OK to be a rebel commander who also looks sexy AF in a gold bikini… and then her mom??!! I’m sure her brother totally doesn’t feel hella abandoned right now. You know, again.

Makes me think I might be a genius for this observation:

So, yeah. F-U-C-K Y-O-U, 2016. FUCK YOU. <3

2017: Want to prove you’re both the year we need and deserve and also the year we want? Then, sometime before New Years Day 2017 on the Gregorian Calendar is over, can we please, please, pleaaaaase get Bowie back? Please?

Thanks, boo. xo, ses

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