coverage requests

Want to submit your latest noise for review, coverage or feature consideration? Feeling unsure whether you’ll appeal to Your Girl in Music’s insanely eclectic tastes? First, you probably will, everything is my favorite (i’m worse than Elf that way). But if you don’t, fear not: If we have nothing nice or constructive to say, we choose to say nothing at all. Even better: if we have a notion of who would crush hard on your goods, we’ll play matchmaker. It’s like this: You might make my ears bleed but it saves Jane Doe’s life, so who the eff do i think i am that i should judge what i don’t understand? So you aren’t playing in my language… that sounds very much like my problem, and mine alone – not yours as the artist, and certainly not your fans, who should never feel ashamed or like they have to hide what resonates with them because some critic* on the internet who aced music theory is calling it uncool. blech.

Bottom line? You’ve got nothing to lose – and good press to gain (+ we give such good press, baby). Tell us how to sample your goods (include a bit about you, your noise + your love affair with music) by sending an email to Use “NOISE” for the subject. 

*those who can’t, teach; those who can’t nor can they teach, critique.

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