Are you an aspiring creator? Do you feel kismet with music + moxie? Would you like to cut your teeth and hone your skills over the music + moxie medium? Pitch us – we can’t wait to sample your goods. If we bring you on, and your output shows consistent quality, we’re both up for and down to expand your role in any way that makes sense, excites you and we see positive potential in.

Playlists  //  Reviews  //  Interviews  //  Profiles  //  Event Coverage  //  Short Fiction, Personal Essays, Cultural Commentary


  • Whatever rocks you! Your crushes and obsessions, from the new haunts you can’t get enough of to your longest-held treasures – like that one song that understands you perfectly.
  • Locals Only! LA is massive. Help YGIM compile the definitive guide to music venues and events from the East-Side to the West End.
  • Oddities: Do crazy things always occur wherever you go? Are you living proof that Truth Is Stranger than fiction? Tell us all about it.


  • Reporting gossip as news: Having spurned Perez & TMZ’s advances, we’ll boil our own skin off before we play the jr-high game.
  • Mean-spirited ANYTHING: YGIM thinks theres nothing as sexy as a dissenting opinion, loves when her assumptions get challenged, appreciates critique, and draws the line at bullying. So no Mean Girls nonsense, except making ‘fetch’ a thing.

Anyone with passion and a desire to share their work with music + moxie’s awesome audience, including:

  • True Fans who know that no one will ever understand them the way Lykke Li’s lyrics do  
  • Curators that prove a good collection is a work of art unto itself
  • Contributors who turn out smart articles with original reporting and engaging media  
  • Commentators with unique POV who love examining issues from diverse, unconsidered perspectives
  • Storytellers who expose the universal thread in our individual, disparate experiences
  • Do-Gooders who’ve organized or been involved with some innovative, inspiring, and humbling humanitarian or philanthropic endeavors.
  • Creators that spend their weekends developing their hybrid guerilla street performance art collective/community ballet.

Email and woo us with up to 3 of your most impressive samples and a brief (1 – 2 paragraph) bio.  Follow the guidelines for specific submission types below.

  • In Development /WIP
    Send in your elevator pitch on what you’re ideating. Subject: write a tagline for your pitch, i.e. “Learn to Speak Spanish with Sublime and Marissa Monte” or “Games are Leveling Up Music Videos”
  • Finished stories + drafts
    Attach them and send on! Bonus points for including good media. Subject: “FYC – [Title] – [Author] – [Story Date]”
  • Playlists/FlowCharts/Comic/Etc.
    Send a TL;DR with the asset or its embed code, any written content and links to include with your byline/credit. Subject: “[Playlist] – [Title]” (ex: “Playlist – Breakup by Mixtape,” “InfoGraphic – Beatles on Spotify,”)
  • Regular Contributor: Reviews/Interviews/Profiles/Coverage, etc.
    Want your own column/byline for whatever has you straddling that thin line between ‘fascination’ & ‘full-on-fetish’? Let us know what your interested in and include a couple paragraphs on why you get so buzzy over that fetish, er, fascination and let us know the publishing cadence you can commit to. Subject: Contributor [Proposed Column/Editorial Section]

Unless agreed to otherwise, you retain ownership of all content, and will grant Music + Moxie certain rights outlined in our Terms and Conditions. We ask that any new content submitted to and accepted by Music + Moxie for publication is exclusive to Music + Moxie for no fewer than 10 days before you make it publicly available on your own site or other outlets.

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