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music + moxie began in 2008 as the anonymous, all-but-invisible blog of music industry assistant ‘sesaluna,’ following a break-up with then-fiance Voldemort.  It chronicled the actualization of my mid-to-late ’90’s tween rock’n’roll fantasies in my job as special ops to music industry heavyweight, BossMan, while dealing with a decade-in-the-making broken heart.  Told via NDA-compliant, anonymized email chains m+m also held a growing repository of pre-spotify ‘playlists for any occasion‘, which caught the attention of early start-up streaming-music service MOG Music (or Beats Music Apple Music, as they’re known today).  After a few years wooing, in 2011 music + moxie was reborn as an online music magazine under the MOG Music banner.  The new incarnation had all new branding and a new focus on emerging artists with broader provocative commentary on contemporary culture, from science & technology to art & entertainment and the problem of the sexes, all with unadulterated enthusiasm.  m+m believes that whatever music speaks to you is the only noise that matters, whether that’s punk or polka or strings metal or popera or rap or edm or whatever.  We detest the notion of shaming a band and by extension their fans just cause it isn’t gonna make an appearance on our go-to karaoke list.  To that end, we labor to bring you the best noisemakers you never knew existed, and yes, where we see a chance for artists or their efforts to be more fierce or on-point, we will call out those opportunities, out of love, and never with menace.

If you’re a seeker, Look Closer™ to find: the OG Music & Moxie blog, Bono-blaming Merch catalogs circa 2011, creative + professional portfolios and more hidden artifacts of my utter ridiculousness.

Bei Mir Bist Du Schon, bellas e bellos!     xx-ses.


disclaimer:  music + moxie exclusively publishes subjective, opinion-based information. Where applicable, the content of this site is rigorously fact-checked prior to publication but will, no doubt, occasionally contain typing, spelling, grammar, social, factual, logical, and judgement errors. You might disagree with our choices and that’s fine with music + moxie. You may want to read all our legal jibber-jabber.


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