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OK, phew! Thanks to three-hour fireworks courtesy of the city of Los Angeles last night,  I have only just now finished watching the latest episode of Teen Wolf and plan to diligently and defiantly hold my breath until we find out who dies next week. Remember, I was afflicted with this obsession when I interviewed the shows brilliant creative execs and its young cast two months ago at the LA Upfronts, and I very vividly recall (& still have my original audio on this) the two Tylers and Crystal repeatedly saying some of the main-ish characters absolutely would die this season; “…people you wouldn’t expect, people who were really good, people that made us ask if one of us were gonna die in the next episode.”

My thoughts echo those of reader Fan Addict’s (bless each one of you dear commenters, btw) as i hear myself exclaim  “no, not our Hot Guys™!” Also the chicks were both super cool on press day and I don’t want to lose one of them, either. Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming episode to get you through each painful second until Episode 7 airs.

1st collector for Be Careful | Video | MTV
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