been caught stealing

&xkcd ip theft

intellectual property theft

 *sigh…. its funny cuz it could only happen to me…

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  1. Sesaluna- this cartoon made me think of a book you’d probably like!
    In Stealing MySapce Julia Angwin turns a complicated story of “theft”, greed, and luck into a comprehensible page-turner. It’s straight forward enough for the Social Networking novice, has enough detail and dirt to interest the technorati, and has plenty of facts and figures for the business crowd. Like Barbarians at the Gate it offers a fly on the wall look at boardroom maneuvering and backstabbing. And, Angwin has the good fortune of working with a varied cast of larger than life characters – Rupert Murdoch (the media titan), the pretty but talentless Tila Tequila, and every MySpace user’s first friend Tom Anderson to name just a few.

    In addition to a business history of MySpace Angwin gives us a glimpse at the way internet companies cannibalize one another and lose ground by failing to innovate – MySpace copies and eclipses Friendster, Facebook copies and outshines MySpace… Twitter anyone? In the end Stealing MySpace is both a how-to and a cautionary tale about making it in the digital age. So, whether you’re interested in business, social networking, the tech world, or are just looking for a good read, this book will explain how we got to the point were congressmen are tweeting during congressional hearings and mothers surf the web to expose real-life and cyber bullies. Social networks are here to stay, we might as well know where they came from.


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