Is Your Taste All in Your Mouth?

If you remember PBR tasting god-awful in college, it may be because you were shotgunning it to a god-awful soundtrack. Or, OK, PBR is just god-awful. Bad example. If you remember PBR tasting delicious in college, it may be because you have the most exceptional record collection known to man. You see, according to science, […]

Billboard’s Open Letter to Congress backed by 200 Music Heavies

In the early hours of June 13, 49 people were killed during Latin night at the gay nightclub Pulse in Orlando, Florida by a man who legally purchased an assault rifle despite his being on an FBI terror watchlist. Days earlier, an obsessed fan shot and killed singer Christina Grimmie during a post-concert autograph session. […]

DadsBand, Fat Mike style

Parents, amirite? So, I’m perusing instagram on Voldemort’s birthday when I come across this gem from none other than Fat Mike of NOFX. Really cool to see pro-femme support from my homegrown punk hero. I wonder if she gets embarrassed when he starts to sing at the grocery store, or if she just moshes along. […]

it’s morrissey, charlie brown!

music + moxie joins the Peanuts gang in their minor existential crisis on this, the 30th anniversary of The Smiths The Queen is Dead album release. Cheers!

Reality Crumbling in the Wake of David Bowie’s Death

Six months after the death of David Bowie, normal reality is collapsing at an ever-increasing rate. Scientists have concluded that Bowie was in some way integral to the function of what we call normality in ways which they have not yet properly begun to understand, but postulate a hitherto unknown particle called the ‘Bowon’ which […]

‘The Queen is Dead’ turns 30

Thirty-seven minutes. That’s how long The Queen Is Dead allows its listeners to venture through a world of sleazy record label execs, unrequited love, regicide, suicide, organized religion, women’s bodies, dead poets, and pretty much every other theme imaginable. In ten songs on one album lasting 37 minutes, The Smiths definitively summed up the personal, […]