Too Many Gits?

Are your loved ones constantly complaining you have too many guitars?  Do you not want to take the rather suspect word of someone who doesn’t even own one? We don’t blame you. Fortunately, thanks to the good data scientists at GuitarSquid, you don’t have to. Simply follow the handy flow chart below to determine whether […]

The Music+Moxie Interview: Dave Stewart

For three decades, Dave Stewart has been writing a visceral soundtrack that captures the deep, dark and beautiful emotional sphere we inhabit. A collaborative genius and masterful musical innovator, he is that rare breed of ‘pure artist’, someone who if not writing or making music, is producing the work of his rock star peers like […]

The Music+Moxie Interview: Johnny Otto

  In the third installment of Project Culture Cred we talked to indie film-maker and enfant terrible Johnny Otto. Johnny has long held a special place in our hearts as the mad genius who gave us the Slimdunce: 7 movies in 7 days short film series that forever changed our lives. When we started project […]