indie is dead. because indie won. A brief excerpt from The End of Indie” or “We Are All Indie Now” by Richard Nash. “You see, to the extent that indie meant anything, it was as its root word, independent. It was about seizing the means of production. Independently produced. Aesthetics can be imitated, ethics faked, […]

When I Was A Beatle

The perfect playlist for your next Bed-In… including the requisute ‘mysogynistic Lennon’-song plus the requisite ‘Lennon atones for prior mysogyny’-song. Side A Norwegian Wood Woman Is The Nigger Of The World Come Together A Day In The Life Ticket To Ride Strawberry Fields Forever Whatever Gets You Through The Night Revolution Dig A Pony Working […]

Teen Wolf: Who’s Gonna Die Next Week?

OK, phew! Thanks to three-hour fireworks courtesy of the city of Los Angeles last night,  I have only just now finished watching the latest episode of Teen Wolf and plan to diligently and defiantly hold my breath until we find out who dies next week. Remember, I was afflicted with this obsession when I interviewed […]

The Music+Moxie Store

has been moved to Cafe Press… 1. Because I am not a musical artist (although i am a music-FUL artist) and musical artists are who the reverb nation stores are actually meant for; and 2. On cafe press I was able to create Bono blaming puppy apparel for my dogs, Mixie (named for Sublime’s “Caress […]

Stopping the Insanity

Every now and again it can be fun to have relatives that may or may not be government spooks. For those of you whose family members are not in the US intelligence community, the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) is like the CIA but its 100% military, which the CIA is not. Common misconception. Scam-spam really, […]