*38 (efF-U)

Coming Soon: Replacing *86 w/ the Cee-Lo inspired *38 aka *FU: From: AEG     To: Goldenvoice Cc: Ses Sent: Thursday, April 15, 2010 2:40 PM Subject: Last Minute Coachella Request Goldenvoice: [Ses’] BossMan would like to obtain 3 tickets for CELEB to attend Sunday’s festival. Can you please let Ses know what you can/can’t do? Thx. […]

the ‘Breakup by Mixtape’ playlist

High Fidelity – Side A(n exposition of sorts to a kinda-love story) -Hi, ¡¿Fidelity?! – Side B(reaking up is actually much easier to do than most 1950s teen pop songs insist)

Selling Out Online

David McAndless of ‘Information Is Beautiful’ has published an interesting article detailing the royalty accrual vs units sold / streamed, that artists can expect from various forms of digital media. I’m not vouching for the veracity of the data or its conclusions, but I must confess it seems accurate in my own experience.

Love & Death

SONJA Love is everything, Boris. I want to meet some man and scale the heights of passion. Some man who embodies the three great aspects of love: intellectual, spiritual and sensual.   BORIS Well, there’s not too many of us around, but it can be done.   SONJA So many women settle cheaply.   BORIS […]

the ‘Welcome to 2010’ playlist

welcome to {20/10} a playlist to cleanse the palette: i’ve been pondering a blog ever since i confirmed Voldemort’s lack of loyalty in the fall of 2007. But “Anatomy of a Breakup, the blog” like the breakup itself, stalled out for an embarrassingly lengthy timespan. Then, this New Year’s Eve i was asked what two […]


“Apple Buys EMI” – Lefsetz’s April Fools Day Prank on the Entire Music Industry My sides still hurt from laughing all morning; Read on & enjoy: —–Original Message—– From: Bob Lefsetz Sent: Thursday, April 01, 2010 1:11 AM To: Sesaluna Subject: Apple Buys EMI And the Beatles join the iTunes Store just in time for […]