Music Asst FAIL

FYI freebird-violator: all the nepotism in the world won’t pardon not knowing that freebird is a once in a blue moon cameo on your work playlist anywhere in the music industry. Covering with your band on open mic night or blasting in your car is fine, but don’t do it on the job where some […]

many many things: Music + Moxie + Hockey, etc

———- Forwarded message ———- From: Ses  To: CK Sent: Thursday, March 11, 2010 11:50 AM Subject: Temper Trap last night Well, they’re still awesome!!! Endless was good too. Are you going to Broken Bells this Sunday? I am so excited i can hardly spit… not that i’ve tried to and failed, its an expression (i […]

A Note On Broadway & Breakups

Standard formula from stage and screen: 1. boy meets/gets girl 2. boy LOSES girl 3. boy gets girl back* *Notes for real life: a. meaning: boy ‘WINS (or earns) her affections back’, not boy ‘exacts calculated revenge on girl’. b. this step is entirely at the girl’s discretion and there is no guarantee, so do […]

Manhattan on Manhattan

“An idea for a short story about, um, people in Manhattan who are constantly creating these real, unnecessary, neurotic problems for themselves cos it keeps them from dealing with more unsolvable, terrifying problems about… the universe.”

Who is Sesaluna?

Ses. The perfectly imperfect yours truly.

Why Sesaluna? Why, I’m pleased as punch you asked! My default cyber persona originates from a 1993 children’s book, “Stellaluna.” Essentially a modern, more relevant and far superior re-telling of ‘The Ugly Duckling’, it’s authenticity-centric theme is punctuated by endearing lessons on friendship and acceptance – of both ourselves and others.

YOUR GIRL IN MUSIC That’s me, just like ‘Our Man in Paris,’ except i’m a girl who goes to 11 reporting from deep cover inside music, and doing so with oodles of my trademark moxie. i work in live-music in beverly hills at one of the top 4 talent & lit agencies, where i constantly pinch myself […]


Welcome seekers and finders to my little niche of the world wide interweb. Further posts will introduce and set the stage but to start i offer you the below Suggested Presuppositions for Maximum Enjoyment of This Blog: Magic exists, and it is inherent in the daily mundane (particularly mine). F = G {m2*m1/d^2}  is the […]